Congratulations 2018

Date:           November 26, 2018

To:              Lt. Governor-elect Mandels Barnes

Re:              Meeting request

Dear Lt. Governor-Elect Mandels Barnes:

Heartiest congratulations on your success in the recent election. We are extremely excited that you will be the first ever African American Lt. Governor for the state of Wisconsin.

I serve as the current President of the Wisconsin Chinese Chamber of Commerce (WCCC). We have over 40 member firms in the area of accounting, legal, real estate, manufacturing, construction, finance/investment, etc. WCCC believes in building on the crossroads of ideas, nations, and people. Our mission is to promote a healthy and robust business environment and to serve as an advocate for our member firms throughout Wisconsin. We strive to contribute to the economic development of Wisconsin by supporting Wisconsin business exporting to China as well as attracting Chinese investments into Wisconsin.

I would greatly appreciate it if we could have an introductory meeting with you to introduce WCCC and to discuss how we could better assist you.

Thank you for your time and considerations. I look forward to hearing from you.


Fanfu Li



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