Establish a wide range of interpersonal networks for members

The Chamber of Commerce will widely recruit members and attract businessmen and experts in Wisconsin who are interested in contributing to the organization, facilitating opportunities for ideation and knowledge sharing.  The Chamber of Commerce will leverage membership expansion, the amassment of resources, and its extensive platform to provide assistance and introduce opportunities for members to start and grow their businesses.

Promote member businesses

The Chamber of Commerce will fully leverage online websites, the Chamber of Commerce newspaper, WeChat public accounts, and other media channels to strategically and methodically promote member businesses. In addition, the organization will provide various timely information and report on important activities of the Chamber of Commerce, ensuring that members are knowledgeable of key progress in the organization while advancing the overall prestige, reputation, and influence of the organization.

Organize regular business seminars

Regular events are critical to the success of the Chamber of Commerce.  In support of this, the Chamber of Commerce will develop a knowledge sharing platform for members by hosting a series of lectures on topics such as business law, taxation, finance, and insurance.  In addition, a number of experts will be invited to participate in various forums, including business strategy, business management, sales, real estate development, and health forums.

Protect the interests of member companies

Protecting the interests of member companies is one of the most important tasks for the Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber of Commerce is committed to safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of member companies, supporting the resolution of various disputes, and coordinating and improving social relationships.  In short, the organization will focus on addressing realistic and practical issues for member companies.

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