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Ryan Cotic: A Passionate Entrepreneur with a Green Thumb and Real Estate Savvy

Ryan Cotic's journey from a young entrepreneur to a successful business owner in both landscaping and real estate exemplifies his dedication, passion, and hard work. His story is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

Early Entrepreneurial Spirit

Ryan Cotic has been driven by an entrepreneurial spirit since his childhood. He vividly recalls selling New Kids on the Block pins to his classmates in elementary school, showcasing his early knack for business and sales.

Academic Background

Ryan's journey took him to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he studied History and Economics. His time at university provided him with a solid foundation to understand diverse perspectives and work with various people. He developed friendships with many international students, gaining a broader understanding of the world and the dedication required to achieve success.

Passion for Landscaping

During the summers, Ryan worked for several local landscaping companies, where he discovered a passion for beautifying yards and properties. This hands-on experience ignited his entrepreneurial drive, leading him to start his own business.

Founding Great Lakes Landscape

In the spring of 2009, Ryan founded Great Lakes Landscape with just one truck and a lawnmower, working 14-hour days, six days a week. His dedication paid off as the company grew steadily. Today, Great Lakes Landscape employs approximately 35 people and has recently acquired a new facility in Menomonee Falls to enhance their operations.

Expanding Services and Community Engagement

Great Lakes Landscape operates throughout the Milwaukee metro area, offering a wide range of services from basic landscape maintenance to large-scale installations, including custom hardscape patios and retaining walls. As one of the largest snow and ice management companies in Southeastern Wisconsin, they serve both residential and commercial properties, ensuring safety and accessibility during winter storms. A notable partnership with the Vince Vitrano Show on AM 620 has further elevated their community presence, making Great Lakes Landscape a household name in the region.

Real Estate Ventures with Kodiak Holdings LLC

In addition to his landscaping business, Ryan has built a substantial real estate portfolio through Kodiak Holdings LLC. He currently owns approximately 17 small single-family and multi-family buildings, with plans to grow this portfolio organically over time. His passion for real estate complements his landscaping business, creating synergies that benefit both ventures.

Personal Life and Interests

In his free time, Ryan enjoys boating, golfing, and networking with peers in various real estate and landscape organizations. He lives in Menomonee Falls with his beautiful wife Carolina and their one-year-old son Ryan Jr. The family enjoys spending time outdoors, relaxing on their back deck, and grilling together.

Great Lakes Landscape: Elevating Your Yard

Great Lakes Landscape is a professional company with the expertise to transform your yard. Whether you need residential or commercial lawn services, they offer everything from weekly mowing and trimming to plant design and winter services. For all your landscaping needs, Great Lakes Landscape is the go-to company.

Learn more, please visit:

Contact Information

Ryan Cotic, President of Great Lakes Landscape, Kodiak Holdings

Phone: 262-709-1066

Cell: 608-358-1168

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