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The ABCs of Medicare with Ellen Tsai: A WCCC Workshop

Navigate Medicare with ease! Join 'The ABCs of Medicare with Ellen Tsai'—a concise WCCC workshop. Master coverage options and enrollment. Secure your healthcare future. Register today!

The ABCs of Medicare with Ellen Tsai: A WCCC Workshop
The ABCs of Medicare with Ellen Tsai: A WCCC Workshop


2023年11月17日 12:00 – GMT-6 13:00

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Embark on an educational exploration of Medicare with Ellen Tsai, a Benefit Advisor who brings a wealth of knowledge from her 18-year tenure in banking, life, and health insurance. The WCCC proudly presents "The ABCs of Medicare with Ellen Tsai: A WCCC Workshop," a webinar crafted to demystify the intricacies of Medicare for all participants.

This workshop is perfect for those on the cusp of Medicare eligibility, family members assisting in healthcare planning, or any individual looking to stay informed about their healthcare options. Ellen Tsai will guide you through the critical aspects of Medicare, from understanding different plans to making the most of your benefits.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • The fundamentals of Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D.
  • Key enrollment periods and how to register without hassle.
  • How to choose the best Medicare plan for your lifestyle and health needs.
  • Your rights and options under Medicare.
  • Managing pre-existing conditions within the Medicare system.
  • Strategies for reducing out-of-pocket expenses and avoiding common pitfalls.

This workshop is an invaluable resource for WCCC members aiming to make educated choices about their healthcare coverage. Join us for an engaging session where your concerns are addressed, and gain the clarity you need to navigate Medicare with ease. Register now to solidify your understanding of Medicare with Ellen Tsai!

加入我们与Ellen Tsai一起的医疗保险教育之旅,Ellen是一位在银行业务、人寿保险和健康保险领域拥有超过18年经验的福利顾问。WCCC自豪地呈现“与Ellen Tsai一起解读医疗保险ABC:WCCC工作坊”,这是一个旨在为所有参与者揭开医疗保险复杂性的网络研讨会。

此工作坊非常适合即将有资格享受医疗保险的人士、协助家庭医疗计划的家庭成员,或任何希望了解他们医疗保健选择的个人。Ellen Tsai将指导您了解医疗保险的关键方面,从理解不同计划到最大限度地利用您的福利。


  • 医疗保险A、B、C和D部分的基础知识。
  • 关键的注册期和如何轻松注册。
  • 如何为您的生活方式和健康需求选择最佳医疗保险计划。
  • 您在医疗保险下的权利和选择。
  • 在医疗保险系统内管理既有病症。
  • 减少自付费用的策略,避免常见陷阱。

这个工作坊是WCCC成员做出有根据的医疗保险选择的宝贵资源。加入我们的互动环节,您的疑虑将得到解答,您将获得清晰的导航医疗保险所需的明确性。立即注册,与Ellen Tsai一起巩固您的医疗保险知识!


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