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Fendy Wu


Fendy Wu

Independent Insurance Agent Fendy Wu is an independent insurance agent dedicated to providing customized insurance solutions that offer both future security and immediate benefits in challenging times. With a deep understanding of her clients' unique needs and concerns, Fendy specializes in life insurance policies with living benefits, which provide financial support during critical illnesses, severe injuries, or long-term care needs due to chronic conditions like Alzheimer's. Her empathetic approach ensures that each client receives personalized attention and tailored insurance plans that go beyond just coverage, offering peace of mind and financial stability when it matters most.

As an independent agent, Fendy collaborates with multiple reputable insurance companies to offer a diverse range of products, including life insurance with living benefits and annuities designed to secure financial wellbeing. Her comprehensive services aim to demystify insurance through educational workshops and one-on-one consultations, helping clients understand how these policies can serve as a financial safety net during their lifetime and for their loved ones after. Whether providing for a family, planning for retirement, or managing business risks, Fendy Wu is committed to ensuring robust financial protection and peace of mind for her clients.

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