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Lu Law, LLP

We are a Wisconsin based law firm that specializes in Business Law, Immigration Law, Employment Law, Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution. With over 20 years of combined experience, we partner with our clients to get to know their stories, businesses, industries and legal needs to provide highest quality legal work and full-service advice.

Lu Law, LLP

Our Mission:

We are on a mission to improve our local and global communities by championing equality, celebrating differences and supporting the growth of our city that can be a home to all.

Our Vision:

We see ourselves becoming advocates for small businesses of all kinds as well as for people/businesses that are underserved and overlooked and don't fit into the "corporate" and "big business" wave that seems to be sweeping over Madison. With our multicultural backgrounds, we want to be the go-to firm for all the underdogs and diverse communities in Madison, to get their legal questions answered.

Our Value:

Collaboration - We partner with you to get into the depth of your case and understand what your requirements, challenges, objectives and goals are. We keep you informed every step of the process and aim to achieve your best-case scenario.

Integrity - Your trust is what keeps our partnership strong. We set realistic expectations with you from the beginning and honor it throughout the process.

Commitment - Always innovative and persistent, we make sure no stone goes unturned when it comes to achieving your legal success.

Inclusion - We respect all members of our society and believe that everyone deserves to feel like they belong and achieve their highest potential.

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