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Schooley Mitchell

Address: P.O.Box 1212, Wausau, WI 54402-1212

Schooley Mitchell

Schooley Mitchell is a premier cost reduction consultancy based in Wausau, Wisconsin, dedicated to helping businesses optimize their expenses and enhance their profitability. With a focus on providing risk-free analysis and independent recommendations, Schooley Mitchell specializes in reducing costs in areas such as telecommunications, merchant services, waste management, small package shipping, and e-signatures. Led by Strategic-Partner Denis Tan, the company prides itself on delivering unbiased solutions without receiving any kickbacks or incentives from providers, ensuring that clients receive the most effective cost-saving strategies.

The firm offers comprehensive services to identify and rectify overcharges, optimize service plans, and negotiate better rates for various business expenses. For example, Schooley Mitchell helped Velocity Clubhouse reduce waste costs by 26.59% and merchant services by 45.29%, while Bill’s Service Center recovered overcharges and achieved a 44% reduction in telecom bills, saving approximately $4,500 in the first year. Similarly, Cedar Creek Manor saw a 58.66% reduction in costs, and Heil Ginseng, INC. saved 32% on telecom bills and 37% on waste bills. These significant savings are a testament to Schooley Mitchell's expertise and commitment to delivering tangible results.

Schooley Mitchell's approach involves a detailed analysis of business expenses, followed by the presentation of a value report that outlines potential savings and recommended actions. The company manages the full implementation of these cost-saving measures, ensuring minimal disruption to clients' operations. Regular audits and continuous monitoring further ensure that clients benefit from sustained savings and optimal pricing over time.

Denis Tan's active involvement in the community, participation in business groups, and attendance at events like Business EXPO 2025 in Rothschild, Wisconsin, highlight Schooley Mitchell's commitment to service above self. This dedication to helping businesses thrive through effective cost management makes Schooley Mitchell a trusted partner for companies looking to reduce their expenses and improve their bottom line.

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