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Empowering, Connecting, and Growing Wisconsin's Chinese Business Community


leading organization for promoting the interests of the Chinese business community in the state. In March 2022, WCCC was awarded a $1.5 million Diversity Assistance Program grant to promote digital marketing for minority small businesses within Wisconsin. This grant supports our mission to empower and grow our diverse business community. Additionally, we have received nonprofit grants from Google, Microsoft non profit grant, and Facebook nonprofit benefit, further enabling us to expand our reach and resources.

Founded in 2017, the WCCC has grown from a small group of dedicated entrepreneurs to an extensive network of Chinese-owned businesses throughout Wisconsin. Our commitment to unity, dedication, innovation, and development has established the WCCC as a

Mission Statement

The Wisconsin Chinese Chamber of Commerce (WCCC) is dedicated to promoting a healthy and robust business environment and serving as an advocate for our member businesses throughout Wisconsin. We strive to empower our members by providing valuable resources, networking opportunities, and support, fostering the success of Chinese-owned businesses and entrepreneurs in the region.

Our Values

1. Unity - We believe in unifying our members into a supportive family, where members share resources and progress as a team.
2. Dedication - We encourage members to be dedicated to the development of the organization while advocating for social responsibility and support for vulnerable groups.
3. Innovation - We actively encourage members to innovate, identifying growth strategies based on the development of their businesses.
4. Development - We firmly believe that through unity, dedication, and innovation, the Chamber of Commerce will continue to grow and develop.

Membership Benefits

1. Access to digital marketing programs funded by the Diverse Business Assistance grant. See the link to our programs.
2. Visibility in US-Asia trade shows, business training, consulting, and investment activities.
3. Business Networking events and opportunities to hold leadership positions within our civic charitable 501(c)(3) organization.
4. Support from government grants, loan access, resources, and free consultations by chamber officers and members.
5. Access to WCCC resources and collaboration with various diverse chambers of commerce.
6. Free listing in the WCCC member directory promoted across multiple platforms.
7. Free introduction video for new members and subsidized multimedia services for members' businesses.
8. Access to WCCC webinars and presentation opportunities to promote your agenda.
9. Usage of WCCC HQ in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.
10. Volunteer opportunities in events, grant writing processes, and webinars.
11. Join the growing Asian American professional/business communities.
12. Enjoy MS Office suite privileges and WCCC IT support for your mobile IT, document filing, and digital marketing needs.

Join Us

Become a part of the growing Wisconsin Chinese Chamber of Commerce community and enjoy the benefits of membership. Visit our Membership page for more information on how to join.

Contact Us

For any inquiries or questions, please visit our Join Us page or email us at We look forward to connecting with you!

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