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D&A Custom Spirits / Marketing Solutions

Address: 1 N Oplaine Road, Ste 8483, Gurnee, IL 60031

D&A Custom Spirits / Marketing Solutions

D&A Custom Marketing Solutions, based on a partnership between Alan Foltman and David Sweet, specializes in providing fully customized single barrel bourbon. This unique offering allows clients to pick their own barrel, create personalized labels, and tailor the proof for maximum flavor. The end result is a premium, award-winning bourbon that reflects the client's personal taste and brand, making it perfect for gifts or corporate promotions.

The custom bourbon process starts with determining the number of bottles needed. For smaller quantities (96 bottles or less), clients can choose from premium barrels that are already proofed for the best flavor. For larger quantities (108 bottles to a full barrel), clients can select their barrel in person, sample various options, and find the ideal proof with the help of David Sweet.

Once the barrel and proof are chosen, clients design their custom label with the assistance of the D&A team. Multiple label samples and ideas are provided, and clients can include pictures, logos, and other text. The finalized label is then submitted for government approval while the bourbon is moved to a holding tank and proofed to the target ABV. Finally, the bourbon is bottled, labeled, and ready for delivery or pickup.

David Sweet brings over 17 years of experience in managing large-scale tasting events and consulting on various whiskey projects. His expertise in the whiskey industry and his successful launch of "Whiskey and Barrel Nite" events have made him a well-known figure in the field.

Alan Foltman, a professional chef and serial entrepreneur, combines his culinary skills with his love for engaging with consumers. Known for his public-facing approach, Alan created "Big Al’s Pheasant Pies" and became a recognized personality in the outdoor and hunting communities. His vision of bringing a personal and engaged approach to the bourbon industry led to the creation of D&A Custom Spirits.

Together, Alan and David's partnership leverages their extensive experience and shared philosophy of accessibility and authenticity to deliver a unique and personal bourbon experience to consumers and the spirits industry. For more information about their custom bourbon offerings, visit D&A Custom Marketing Solutions' website or contact them directly.

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