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Dumpling House

Best Dumpling in the Midwest, USA

Dumpling House

Taste of the East, best of the best. Here is a review by one of our clients," Lico J".We enjoyed the juicy dumplings and meat buns that were fresh and hot out of kitchen here. The Xiaolongbao with the specialty house-made dumpling sauce had meat soup inside the thin dough and the sauce really gave them a nice sweet garlic kick. Highly recommend it. The chicken popcorns were crispy and not very salty so tasted good to us who prefer lighter seasoning. The leek and pork buns and shrimp and pork dumplings were less impressive but still tasted homey. The shrimp and pork dumplings even had real shrimp on top - which is no traditional as the shrimp is usually mixed into the pork to create a slightly seafood taste and I personally would have enjoyed that traditional flavor more. But still, we enjoyed the freshness here.

They also sell frozen cooked meat buns if you want to get a bunch to take home. We steamed and ate them in the morning and loved the juicy and yummy breakfast.

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