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Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce

Address:5423 N 118th Ct, Milwaukee, WI 53225

Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce

The Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce (HWCC) is dedicated to empowering Asian and underinvested business communities by providing crucial financial resources and business consultations. Their mission focuses on improving economic opportunities in both Asian and non-Asian low-income and underserved communities. By offering business loans, free business assistance, and facilitating workshops and events, HWCC aims to establish, stabilize, and expand businesses, create jobs, and provide access to capital, ensuring the prosperity of the businesses they support.

HWCC takes pride in its significant impact on economic prosperity, as evidenced by the success stories of businesses they have helped grow and thrive. Their commitment to supporting entrepreneurs through an array of programs and services highlights the chamber's role in navigating the complexities of launching and running a business. The HWCC's collaborative approach with various partners further amplifies their effectiveness in achieving their mission.

With multiple offices across Wisconsin, including Milwaukee, Appleton, Eau Claire, Green Bay, and Wausau, HWCC is accessible to a broad range of business owners. Each office offers tailored support to meet the unique needs of its local community, reinforcing HWCC's commitment to fostering economic development and empowering underrepresented business owners. The HWCC invites businesses to join their chamber, participate in events, and leverage the resources available to elevate their entrepreneurial ventures.

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