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Cassandra Wind: Navigating the Changing Landscape of Families Health & Longevity

Nurturing Generations, a one-woman powerhouse, has been a beacon of holistic wellness since 1995. Specializing in Acupuncture, Craniosacral therapy, Nutrition, and Trauma NeuroCoaching, They offer a comprehensive approach to well-being and focus extends beyond healing. Committed to helping families stay healthy and connected in challenging times, Nurturing Generations invites you to experience the transformative difference!

Above & Beyond: A Story of Healing and Hope

Cassandra Wind, a Craniosacral Therapist and storyteller, is on a mission to share her journey of walking away from violence and trauma. With over 40 years of experience in western medicine, working across all age groups, she understands that healing encompasses more than the body. Her own healing journey began over 35 years ago, studying cultural teachings worldwide to address trauma of the mind, body, and soul. She believes that trauma leads to various challenges, including isolation, anxiety, sleep issues, learning difficulties, abusive parenting, and community weakening.

Holistic Healing for Your Valuable Assets

In a world where time and health are the most precious assets, Nurturing Generations brings the healing power of acupuncture. Utilizing sterile, one-time-use, thin needles for safety and comfort, many patients experience a profound sense of calmness and relaxation. Treatment sessions involve listening to your health concerns, exploring your medical history, diet, sleep, and lifestyle to discern the root cause of your health issues while addressing current symptoms.

Empowering the Community through Knowledge

Beyond individual treatments, Nurturing Generations extends its services to the community, schools, and organizations through lectures and seminars. Cassandra Wind shares insights on various health issues and the benefits of incorporating integrative medicine into daily life.

Contact Cassandra Wind

Inquiries regarding appointment scheduling, individual or corporate sessions, speaking engagements, and events, please contact or call 414-455-0463.

Natural Therapeutics Wellness 

N63W24025 Main St, Sussex WI 53089, Phone: 262-796-1195

Doctor’s Office

2475 N.124 Street, Brookfield, WI 53005, Phone: 414-455-0463

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