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Championing Excellence in Business: Meet Shantel S. Bacchus, of Bacchus Insurance Group

Updated: Dec 22, 2023


In our relentless pursuit of excellence and dedication to showcasing outstanding local businesses, the WCCC Chamber of Commerce takes great pride in introducing  Shantel S. Bacchus, the driving force behind Bacchus Insurance Group. With over 25 years of invaluable experience in the realm of business insurance, Shantel brings a wealth of knowledge and a genuine commitment to fellow business owners.

Business Philosophy

At Bacchus Insurance Group, Trusted Partnerships Define Us.

It's not merely about offering insurance; Shantel and her team become trusted partners in your business journey. Specializing in property, general liability, professional liability, workers' compensation, and employee benefits, they cover all critical aspects of safeguarding your business.

 Personalized Approach


Crafting Solutions Tailored to You.

What sets Shantel apart is her personalized approach. She and her team take the time to understand your unique needs, listening, strategizing, and crafting insurance solutions that fit like a glove.

Community Dedication

Shantel's dedication extends beyond business—she actively engages with the community through initiatives like The Pink Table Talk and her podcast 'Family Matter,' embodying a spirit of giving back and spreading awareness.

Chamber Values

As a member of the WCCC, Shantel exemplifies the values of integrity, expertise, and community engagement. Her presence aligns seamlessly with WCCC’s mission to uplift and celebrate businesses that go above and beyond.

Navigating Complexity with Expert Guidance

In a world where business insurance can be bewildering, Shantel and Bacchus Insurance Group provide that friendly, expert touch to help fellow business owners navigate the complexities. Follow them on their social media pages (IG, FB, Twitter, and YouTube).

Specializing in Risk Management Solutions

Business Owner/Independent Agent of Bacchus Insurance Group. They offer a range of risk-management products and solutions, specializing in Business Owner Plans and Health Insurance. Discover more at


Financial Literacy • Property Insurance • Commercial Auto • Surety Bonds • Project Management • Underwriting • Renewal Retention • Sales Processes • Relationship Building • Property and Casualty Insurance • Presentations • Event Planning • Insurance Policies • Casualty Insurance


Contact Shantel S. Bacchus:

11414 W Park Place, Suite 202

Milwaukee, WI  53224

(414)716-6274 - (o)

(414)716-6101 - (f)


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