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Zhenqi Li: Entrepreneurial Trailblazer


Zhenqi Li embodies the modern entrepreneur, with a diverse portfolio spanning the realms of dining and technology. His ventures are not just about profit, but about infusing quality, innovation, and community engagement into every endeavor.

Diverse Ventures

In the realm of dining, Zhenqi's establishments have become synonymous with excellence:

●      Zen Ramen Lounge (Madison): This esteemed ramen sanctuary is celebrated for its authentic flavors and exceptional service, setting a new standard in Madison's culinary landscape.

●      Elite Boba (Milwaukee): Transforming Milwaukee's bubble tea scene, Elite Boba has emerged as a cherished haven for bubble tea aficionados, offering an unparalleled experience.

●      Sushi Lover (Madison): As a recent investor in this burgeoning sushi venture, Zhenqi has already cultivated a loyal following, drawn by its fresh ingredients and exquisite offerings.

In the tech sphere, Zhenqi's leadership at Ninjas Printing, Inc. reflects his forward-thinking approach. Invited by a professor at UW-Madison to helm this innovative 3D printing startup, Zhenqi showcases his expertise and vision, driving the company towards new frontiers.

Remarkable Achievements

Zhenqi's impact reverberates beyond the success of his ventures:

●      Launching and managing three dining businesses has not only enriched the local culinary scene but also demonstrated Zhenqi's acumen in business management.

●      Pioneering an automated operational process for Zen Ramen Lounge and Elite Boba underscores his commitment to efficiency and innovation, while reducing labor costs.

●      Through his ventures, Zhenqi has fostered spaces of community and excellence, as evidenced by the acclaim garnered by Zen Ramen Lounge and the devoted following of Elite Boba.

Academic Expertise

Zhenqi's academic journey is as illustrious as his professional endeavors. Holding a master’s degree in industrial engineering from Iowa State University (ISU), his expertise in supply chain management and AI integration showcases his multifaceted approach to problem-solving.

Passion for Innovation and Community

Beyond the boardroom, Zhenqi's zeal extends to innovation and community engagement:

●      He continuously explores and creates new trends and flavors in the food industry, pushing boundaries and redefining standards.

●      With a penchant for technology, Zhenqi enjoys experimenting with new tech to revolutionize traditional industries.

●      Actively participating in local events and charity activities, Zhenqi embodies his commitment to community involvement, fostering a culture of giving back.

Zhenqi Li's journey is more than just an example of entrepreneurial success; it is also a testament to adaptability, dedication, and a continual sense of invention. With each enterprise, he leaves a solid impact, affecting the culinary and technological landscapes while improving communities along the way.

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