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Master Duke Lee: Empowering Minds and Bodies Through Martial Arts Excellence 


Martial Arts Journey Begins

Master Duke Lee is an esteemed martial artist deeply dedicated to both the practice of his art and its profound impact on the community. Master Duke Lee embarked on his journey in martial arts at the age of 7 in South Korea. Immersing himself in the discipline of Taekwondo, he quickly demonstrated a natural talent and dedication to the art. With a sixth-degree black belt in Taekwondo and a red belt in Gum Do—a revered Korean sword martial art—Master Lee embodies the essence of dedication and skill in the martial arts world.

A Fusion of Passion and Education

In addition to his martial arts achievements, Master Lee holds a degree in finance from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, showcasing his commitment to both physical and intellectual pursuits. His diverse educational background complements his martial arts expertise, enriching his understanding of discipline, strategy, and leadership.

Mentoring the Future Leaders

Since 2007, Master Lee has proudly served as the head instructor at the Germantown academy of JK Lee Black Belt Academy. With over two decades of teaching experience, he has mentored countless students, instilling in them not only the physical techniques of martial arts but also the values of discipline, respect, and perseverance.

The Inspiring Journey

Master Lee's extensive experience as a taekwondo competitor, referee, and coach spans from local tournaments to international championships. Noteworthy accolades include his victory as the Tri-State Tournament sparring champion in 2000 and his contributions as a referee, translator, committee member, and coach for several Hanmadang National Championships.

Community Engagement and Impact

Committed to giving back, Master Duke Lee actively engages in charitable initiatives such as JK Lee's annual Board Break-a-thon for Wisconsin's Children's Hospital. He is dedicated to serving the community, having trained hundreds of children in bully awareness and prevention and hosted safety and self-defense seminars for adults. His positive impact extends far beyond the martial arts studio, enriching the lives of individuals and families throughout Germantown and beyond.



Through his unparalleled dedication, Master Duke Lee has not only honed the physical abilities of his students but has also instilled in them invaluable life lessons of discipline, respect, and perseverance. His commitment to community engagement and charitable endeavors exemplifies his role as a mentor and leader, making him a beacon of inspiration for martial artists and community members alike.


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