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Meet Andrew Cervenka, J Galt Partner: Your Trusted Business Consultant


Andrew Cervenka hails from the heart of northern Wisconsin, where his journey in the world of business consulting began. Joining J Galt in 2022, he swiftly grasped the significance of their mission: assisting small to mid-sized business owners in securing funding options without the need for personal guarantees. Recognizing the vital role this played in safeguarding personal assets, Andrew enthusiastically embraced his role as a Regional Managing Partner at JGalt.


Empowering Small Business Growth Through Financial Education

Since joining J Galt, Andrew has dedicated himself to connecting with business owners across Wisconsin and the United States. His primary focus lies in educating them on the possibilities of growing their businesses without the burden of continually assuming personal guarantees for funding. By delving into each owner's aspirations and business landscape, Andrew introduces them to the transformative power of Business/Corporate Credit. With the J Galt process having already supported over 43,000 small business owners, Andrew is determined to extend its benefits to every business owner in Wisconsin, guiding them toward sustained success.


Unlocking Opportunities with J Galt

J Galt serves as a trusted partner for small businesses, providing invaluable support in a comprehensive approach to business financial health. Through optimizing cash flow and managing growth, business owners can effectively offload credit risk, map cash flows, and receive expert financial coaching. J Galt also specializes in removing personal guarantees, allowing businesses to build credit independently. Moreover, their offering includes a complimentary annual valuation, providing business owners with essential insights into their company's worth.  


Paving the Way for Financial Stability

The mission of J Galt is to elevate businesses to a level of creditworthiness that grants them access to necessary capital whenever required. Their meticulous approach involves ensuring business information aligns with official records, such as those maintained by the Secretary of State, IRS, and Credit Agencies. Additionally, J Galt verifies all registrations and meticulously cross-references data points on credit reports to guarantee accuracy.


Connect and elevate your business

Phone: 715.663.0404  

For more information, visit Andrew Cervenka's social media and websites:

Complimentary Credit Building Course:

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