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Vaughn Barker: Revolutionizing Operational Efficiency


Vaughn Barker is the owner and CEO of Barker and Barker Consulting, LLC. He is a visionary leader with over 25 years of experience helping companies increase their profitability by enhancing the efficiency of their processes. With a passion for excellence and a relentless drive for improvement, he has built a career on transforming complex challenges into opportunities for growth and efficiency. This journey, marked by a rich blend of expertise as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Project Management Professional (PMP), has been pivotal in shaping the innovative approaches the firm takes in providing strategy management and operations improvement consulting services.

Company Mission and Innovative Approach

The company's mission is to revolutionize the way organizations approach strategy management and operations improvement to create future-ready, efficient, and effective solutions that are sustainable long-term. Vaughn leads the company in leveraging extensive knowledge and skills in problem-solving, data analysis, and process improvement methodologies to deliver tailored solutions to clients across various industries. The company goes beyond merely fixing inefficient processes; it innovates and implements superior processes that markedly enhance operational efficiency for commercial and government clients.

Community Engagement and Contribution

Vaughn serves on the board of the Urban Economic Development Association ( In addition to standard board responsibilities, he utilizes his talents for Capacity Building & Technical Assistance programming. This programming helps companies address organizational development issues, often focusing on strengthening financial management, developing strategic plans, implementing board development and governance practices, and assessing technology needs. Vaughn also participates in local volunteer activities.

Contact Information

Learn more, please visit:

Phone: 414-626-7476

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